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Full name of primary organisation making the commitment

Full name of primary organisation making the commitment. Commitments made on behalf of multiple organisations should be registered only once by the primary organisation. The primary organisation is in charge of registering the commitment and held accountable for progress assessment. There are relevant fields when you will be registering each commitment, where you may specify the additional organisations.

Please choose the stakeholder type that best describes your organisation:

Please provide the following information for the authorised representative of the organisation. The authorised representative is defined as the authorised person identified by the primary organisation to be responsible and vouch for the content recorded in the commitment registration form.

Authorised representative

This email will be used as the username for the platform; it will be also used for all future communications with the GNR, unless there is a different point of contact - see below

Is the authorised representative also the point of contact for any future communication, including for providing clarifications on the commitment(s) registered, receiving updates and reporting on progress?

This email will be used as a backup contact, should the GNR find the primary contact be unreachable. If at any time you would like for this contact to become the primary contact, please email us at [email protected] so that we may assist with that transition.